To Read Does Work

Things I learned while going through my “toreads”: A year and a half’s worth of setting things aside under “toread” worked well for me. The vast majority of things I saved were things that I really didn’t need to read right away, and in many cases, they just merited a quick skim. By not dealing… Continue reading To Read Does Work

Last Resolution Of 2007: Finish Up ToReads

I hereby resolve to go through and deal with all of my accumulated toread(usually articles), tolookat(usually applications and video), and the newly created tolistento(music) tags in By 2008. I’d like to reduce my attention debt as much as possible, and start with a clean slate going in to the new year. [Yes, I do… Continue reading Last Resolution Of 2007: Finish Up ToReads

Facebook Learns To Abbreviate

One of the most frequent criticisms of Facebook’s current interface has been the long list of application signup requests in the far right “Requests” column. This morning I noticed for the first time that they’ve changed the layout, revealing only the first request and adding a clickable “…and X other requests” below. Before (uploaded by… Continue reading Facebook Learns To Abbreviate

Flickr Stats – New Flickr Feature On The Way

Last night I used Migratr to move all of the photos on my old anearthling account over to extraface — how-to on that to come shortly. But because of that, I was looking closely at my Flickr account this morning and discovered this tasty treat: Which led to this exciting morsel: And finally, this: Whole… Continue reading Flickr Stats – New Flickr Feature On The Way

Pimento Cheese Disappears From The Vortex

I’m not the only one who has noticed that The Vortex no longer offers Pimento Cheese. As of what I think is an 11/2007 menu printing, gone is any trace of the Pimento Cheese option as an appetizer, for burgers or for grilled cheeses. When I discovered this today, our server said something about a… Continue reading Pimento Cheese Disappears From The Vortex

Notes From Inside Super Deluxe

I’ve been having a great time working with the folks at Super Deluxe for the past few weeks. I’ve collected some snippets from my travels here and there on Flickr: Default user profile page Ben and his love of Welch’s fruit snacks Um…(photo uploaded by Senatorturer) Much of my time has been spent noodling around… Continue reading Notes From Inside Super Deluxe

Know Your Extraface Side Projects

Here are a few of the side projects I’ve started, thought about starting, or am in the middle of, all in various stages of animation from just born to undead zombie. If this looks like a foolishly large number of balls in the air, mental clutter, or a team of horses pulling in 5 different… Continue reading Know Your Extraface Side Projects