Friday Heh

Son Draws Iron Man: “Note: He does NOT have six fingers on his left hand – he´s holding a fry” The Keyboard Cat/Billy Joel Piano Man Dueling Piano Setup You’ve Been Waiting For – And it works! [via Rusty] Non-Stop Drumming Fingers – Some day this will be in the Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog as “The Non-Stop… Continue reading Friday Heh

Share A Spreadsheet For Added Sticktoitiveness

I was just noticing that my friend Fox and I have been sharing a Google Docs spreadsheet humbly titled “Spreadsheet Of Ideas” for over a year, and it’s still active. It’s where we put ideas we’d like to hold on to, whether they are projects we’d like to share with each other or things we’re… Continue reading Share A Spreadsheet For Added Sticktoitiveness

A Clear Indication That Scoble Doesn’t Use Twitter Like I Do

“If you don’t read tweets for eight hours, don’t worry, all the big stuff you missed will be on TechMeme.” – (Scoble’s latest meanderings on the evolution of Twitter) No, that’s not nearly it for me, or for many others. It’s not just a technology aggregator. It does that well, but it does so many… Continue reading A Clear Indication That Scoble Doesn’t Use Twitter Like I Do

Friday Heh

Editor’s note: It’s no big secret that I store all my hehs as I find them at All of my delicious bookmarks flow into my Facebook profile via FriendFeed, and until now that was unremarkable. Recently I’ve noticed a few people, and not always the same people, enjoying and commenting on my hehs as… Continue reading Friday Heh

Friday Heh

Crap Spiderman – Perhaps the worst Spiderman drawing in the history of everything: The Story Of Atari Missile Command – Roflcon‘s Tim Hwang found a riveting vintage novelization and vinyl audiobook of the classic Atari game. Vend Diagram Rafi and Dallas a.k.a. The Internets Celebrities Explain NY Street Vendors: Where Are They Now – Kid… Continue reading Friday Heh

A Reunion Of Sorts

I’m moving on this week from my position at Edelman in order to focus on some projects with a few old friends up North and invest quality time in a personal project or two with old friends out West. I’ll continue to be based in Atlanta for now. I started out in Web work over… Continue reading A Reunion Of Sorts