Think Before You Fool

Trying out Anil Dash’s blog text embedding feature in honor of his timely reminder that “Your April Fool’s Day Joke Continues To Suck”: Aside: Anil rigged up his blog recently so that you can easily embed his text-based blog entries on your site or blog, just like you embed videos or include photos. He places… Continue reading Think Before You Fool

A Perspective On The Demonstrations In Tibet, From 1997

With the recent demonstrations in Lhasa and increased tension between the Tibetans and the Chinese, my parents suggested I think about digging up a video documentary I put together in 1997 about violence and non-violence in the history of the Tibetan struggle. My goal in the project was to demystify what I saw at the… Continue reading A Perspective On The Demonstrations In Tibet, From 1997

Props To The Gramma Sarah Pound Cake Recipe

My friend Jenny at Gearlive wrote up my late grandmother Sarah Distenfield’s legendary pound cake recipe for their Food Squeeze section. This is the same recipe my gramma used to make the cake I brought as a gift to His Holiness The Dalai Lama in 1996 when I had a private audience and interview with… Continue reading Props To The Gramma Sarah Pound Cake Recipe

Good Things At Super Deluxe

A few recent things at Super Deluxe I really like: Bathing With Bierko: John Malkovich – This hits a comedy sweet spot for me. When done well, I like awkward-funny a whole lot. But it’s also a real interview that does, in fact, shed light on John Malkovich in its own way. Thankfully, Bierko in… Continue reading Good Things At Super Deluxe

You Turn Years, I Turn Athletes

Today, I am Larry Bird years old.* *This is part of a side project that’s still under construction. Thank goodness there was a Larry Bird photo there to properly reflect my age. If you’d like to contribute photos of athletes and/or encourage me to finish this thing up, drop me a line. A little bit… Continue reading You Turn Years, I Turn Athletes

Post-Tornado Notes

It’s been a weird weekend. On Friday night, the tornado that ripped through downtown Atlanta and then Cabbagetown came through East Atlanta. I was lucky that there was no damage to my house, and the power was only out until early Sunday morning, but lots of my neighbors weren’t so lucky. I decided to write… Continue reading Post-Tornado Notes

Friday Heh List

(…which will be published on a rolling, additive basis today…) The Rossitano Report(World Premiere heh) – Just born! From the mind of Craxy comes this tribute to all of the the hats worn by Judah Friedlander’s character Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock. Each blog entry is good for all of the hats worn in a… Continue reading Friday Heh List

SXSW Recap: Bespoke Business Cards

Today I’m going through all my notes and memories and business cards and free stuff from this past weekend’s SXSW interactive. This was my third time attending. It felt much bigger than last year, and that both helped and hindered my travels through it. On the upside, there were lots of fresh faces and more… Continue reading SXSW Recap: Bespoke Business Cards


At SXSW I had quite a few hallway conversations about what I consider the Twitter hashtag problem. As a constructive contribution to the ongoing discussion, in between sessions I threw together a way to strip out hashtags from Twitter a account and create a new, hashtag-free account using Yahoo Pipes and Twitterfeed. You can see… Continue reading Introducing