Friday Heh For 6/27/08

In case you haven’t already been acquainted with Giant Rolling Eddie Murphy Head, I think it’s best to lead off with that even though it’s one entry below this. As bonus coverage, here’s some serene video of the head’s travels. Usher: Love In This Club – The best damn animatronic all-animal band this side of… Continue reading Friday Heh For 6/27/08

BarCamp Atlanta Set For October 17-18

Lance reported yesterday that BarCamp Atlanta’s dates are now set for October 17-18, 2008. The official planning site has been updated as well. Keep an eye out for the registration form. Last year’s BarCamp Atlanta kept my brain whirring for 2 days and introduced me to friends and colleagues I’ve kept in touch with throughout… Continue reading BarCamp Atlanta Set For October 17-18

Friday Heh

Smart Tag Line – Reminds me of a Costanza line whose context I’ve forgotten, something like “whatever it is you want, that’s what we don’t have.” Nobody Cares If Your Puns Were Intended – No, really. Take heed. [via gregg]. My New Favorite German Breakfast Cereal: Five Lego Video Games That Will Never Happen –… Continue reading Friday Heh

But First, Let Me Share These Things I Liked With You

1. Merlin Mann pointed me to a DJ by the name of Girl Talk who makes fun, frenetic, sample-fueled tracks. I read Merlin’s tweets and was intrigued, so this morning I investigated and am enjoying listening to what’s available on Hype Machine. Wikipedia helped too. Girl Talk is in the process of releasing a new… Continue reading But First, Let Me Share These Things I Liked With You

Become A Patron Of The Heh Arts

If you enjoyed Ghetto Big Mac as much as I did…: …consider signing on as an Internets Celebrities Producer at the dollar value of your choice and help Rafi, Dallas, Cas, and their crew continue to make enjoyable and informative videos. You’ll get a credit on their next video and the smug satisfaction that you… Continue reading Become A Patron Of The Heh Arts

Bad Durkheim Flea Market

I’ve returned from the Germany trip. While I work on catching up and getting my legs back under me, please enjoy this brief glimpse of a flea market we checked out in Bad Durkheim. Overall, the merchandise was strikingly similar to what you’d find in the states, but the food was a welcome change(and since… Continue reading Bad Durkheim Flea Market

For Your June Bulletin Board Displays and On The Road

As usual, taken from my copy of Bulletin Boards For All Occasions, by Margaret B. Randall, 1966. This morning I am packing my own vacation bags full of wholesome thoughts, good books, and clean fun for an 11-day trip to Germany and Switzerland to visit a very special person. I’m not sure how much time… Continue reading For Your June Bulletin Board Displays and On The Road

Screen Gems

This screen: …told me Zappos has made improvements to the way they use Facebook’s Beacon blabbermouth marketing program. Since it asked me clearly and nicely if I’d like to share word of my purchase with my Facebook network, and thoroughly explained the options and implications, I allowed it. It’s a nice evolution from the earlier,… Continue reading Screen Gems