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This screen:
Zappos Made Facebook Beacon Less Sneaky
…told me Zappos has made improvements to the way they use Facebook’s Beacon blabbermouth marketing program. Since it asked me clearly and nicely if I’d like to share word of my purchase with my Facebook network, and thoroughly explained the options and implications, I allowed it. It’s a nice evolution from the earlier, creepier days of Beacon.

This screen:

…told me that the site I’ve used for at least eight years to check domain name registrations,, either forgot to renew their own domain or decided to close up shop for some reason. I liked them because they were simple, and they weren’t attached to a big domain registrar so they didn’t have an obvious vested interest in my data.

This screen:
TOS From Lost's
…along with this screen:
DHARMA Initiative, an ABC company
…pulled me out of the suspension of disbelief on an otherwise well-executed fictional online extension of ABC’s Lost. I wish there was some cleverer way the ABC lawyers could have integrated a Terms of Service and copyright notice without having to make reference to the parent companies.

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  1. I saw your Saucony purchase come across my feed and hoped against hope that that was an intentional share. Other having my shoe purchase unintentionally blasted to the masses, I had a great Zappos experience. I hope yours proceeds as smoothly as mine did. You may even have your shoes by Tuesday!

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