A Gem From My 2009 To Reads

When an article looks promising but I don’t have the time, attention, focus, or patience to read it, I generally stick it in my to read pile on Delicious.com. I filed away what turned out (just today) to be a real gem in April of this year – from Gary Wolf on the blog Quantified… Continue reading A Gem From My 2009 To Reads

Most But Not All Friday Heh

There’s only so much heh a Friday can take. Were I Hammacher Schlemmer, These Would Be ‘The Elmo Tickle Hands’– “The furry gloves not only reproduce Elmo’s famous laughs and giggles when you touch someone, but they’ll also play his new The Tickle Hand Groove song”: Get Up And Move – A nice way to… Continue reading Most But Not All Friday Heh

Flip Flip Flipadelphia

This has been stuck in my head since last night’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. As a favor to anyone who may be suffering the same plight, I iPhone ringtone-ified it: http://www.extraface.com/detritus/flip_flip.m4r Please accept this in lieu of a Friday heh this week.

Friday Heh

Shiny Suds Ad Elicits Full-on Harrumph Of Outrage – The true heh here is not the original ad, or the reaction to the ad, which if honest should be considered. The true heh here is this comment from a critic/observer, who I’m strongly suspecting is a sock puppet for one of the competing companies: “Making… Continue reading Friday Heh