Friday Heh

  • Shiny Suds Ad Elicits Full-on Harrumph Of Outrage – The true heh here is not the original ad, or the reaction to the ad, which if honest should be considered. The true heh here is this comment from a critic/observer, who I’m strongly suspecting is a sock puppet for one of the competing companies: “Making us fear chemical residue from cleaning products because it’s tied into a rape threat is beyond sickening.”
    [via Gerard]

  • Sneak Preview Of The Upcoming Adidas Star Wars Collection – “The products in the season’s first drop take inspiration from legendary Star Wars characters and scenes and fuse them with iconic adidas Originals silhouettes.” OMG.

  • Steven Seagull’s Exit Wounds – This sounds like a much better movie.

  • Ruby Pseudo’s Favorite Sentences From Youth Culture Research – “On being asked what their ideal phone would look like: “I wanted the phone to be easy to use, so I have placed eight buttons on the back, two on the top, six on the bottom, four on the left, and four on the right. Take a look at the sketch to understand’ 15 year old male, Belgium”
    [via Jonas]

  • Face Ahoy Blog – A blog that chronicles the faces in everyday things. This is something I’ve always kept an eye out for – I’ll have to send them Mr. Sedgewick, circa 2003.
    [via Gavin]

  • The Lobster Zone Skill Crane – A deeply disturbing lobby game where participants wield the skill crane to try to catch real live lobsters:

    [via Capn Ken]

  • Hadouken..hadouken…


  1. First off, I did a double take when I saw that you wrote OMG. LOL

    I love the Ruby Psuedo observations; I love the British slang in some of them. I especially liked number 13: “On being asked what she would do if she ran her city for the day: “I would ban pan flute players in the subway… they are the worst… I am all for performing in the subway, but the pan flute IS NOT OKAY. ever’. 18 year old female, New York City” — that girl is so down with TPFD.

    And the Face Ahoy reminds me of the American Express ad out now, which I quite like!

  2. I like that ad too! It would be a good jumping-off point for a huge collection of those images. I’d like a coffee table book of things that look like robot faces.

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