The Hipster Domain Holding Page

Judging by the We’re Not Really Squatting Facebook group and my informal polling, many of us buy up domains with the best intentions but leave them fallow for extended periods of time. We’ve all ran across plenty of intellect-offending domainer squatting pages like this one: And oh so many who offer in text at the… Continue reading The Hipster Domain Holding Page

Dissecting Scoble’s Recent Outlook On Blogging

Robert Scoble wrote yesterday about how he seems to be yawny about blogs lately. I couldn’t let this slip by without taking a closer look at his observations. Here’s the line-by-line: He says: “Blogs have lost their humanity. Their weirdness. Instead we’ve become vehicles to announce new products and initatives on.” For one thing, I… Continue reading Dissecting Scoble’s Recent Outlook On Blogging

Brief Notes

Check out how the Robotobots used colored post-it notes to sequence their futuristic hip-hop concept album. If you haven’t been following their progress all along, you might not know about their WiiMix Nintendo Wii soundtrack remixes. I’m still holding out hope for a remix of the Count Bleck theme from Super Paper Mario. Earlier this… Continue reading Brief Notes

The Fruits Of The Bet: Raiders v. Chargers

With under an hour to spare, I am proud to present below the payoff to my bet with Gregg on the Raiders/Chargers game: | View | Upload your own My thanks to Skitch and SlideShare, without which this would not be possible. Update: Now featured on the SlideShare main page!

Raiders Lose, I Lose, Slideshow To Come

Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook know that this past weekend I layed down a gentleman’s wager with a gentleman named Gregg. It went as follows: Raiders vs. Chargers, 10/14/2007 Gregg takes: Chargers by 10 or more Dave takes: Raiders, or Chargers by 9 or less The loser has to create… Continue reading Raiders Lose, I Lose, Slideshow To Come

Vocalo And Hype Machine Are My Copilots Today

I have two new favorite things to listen to while working, Vocalo and the just-relaunched Hype Machine. Both are keeping me entertained today. It pays to follow Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Twitter stream. In addition to getting a peek into his daily routine, you get glimpses of what he’s soon to cover on Read/Write Web, and you… Continue reading Vocalo And Hype Machine Are My Copilots Today

Don’t Be An Albert — A Junior Consumer Tip For Blog Action Day

My friend Creevus reminded me of this great old PSA from the New England TV market in the 80’s, which was one of my first brushes with messages about conservationism. I must have seen this hundreds of times in between cartoons. I can practically recite it by heart: I’m offering it in observance of Blog… Continue reading Don’t Be An Albert — A Junior Consumer Tip For Blog Action Day

Discovery Acquiring HowStuffWorks

As a former employee, I’ve been asked a few times this morning for my thoughts on Discovery acquiring HowStuffWorks. I’m proud to see the company on a path towards gaining more of a real presence in the industry, and hope that my friends who are still there do well as a result. I do think… Continue reading Discovery Acquiring HowStuffWorks

Run A Better Product Blog

Below are the slides from the presentation I did yesterday. There’s not a ton of text on them, but if you have any questions about any of the topics I’d be glad to explain roughly what I was talking about. As far as setup, the idea here is that product blogs are a specific subgenre… Continue reading Run A Better Product Blog