BarCamp Atlanta Short Update

I’m dragging this morning, so just a brief check-in. BarCamp Atlanta went on to the wee hours, in to the morning, and we’re now on day two. So far in a very condensed period of time I’ve heard interesting talks on OpenID, Merb, Web Comics, Second Life, Amazon FPS, and Facebook Apps. I’ve learned about… Continue reading BarCamp Atlanta Short Update

Two Hours To BarCamp Atlanta

I’m hurriedly shoving things in a bag for tonight’s BarCamp Atlanta session, which in theory lasts all the way through until tomorrow night. I’m very much looking forward to meeting more local developers and getting a glimpse into what’s happening development-wise in these parts. The prototype I’ve been thinking about didn’t come together in time,… Continue reading Two Hours To BarCamp Atlanta

Lil Help Lazyweb? Your Photos of Athletes

For a goofy personal side project I’m working on, I need a whole mess of low resolution photos of famous/infamous/funny/beloved/obscure athletes. Snapshots and candids are welcome, and even better if they happen to show the athlete’s uniform number. Flickr user Seluma the hermit was already nice enough to grant me use of her fantastic photo… Continue reading Lil Help Lazyweb? Your Photos of Athletes

Thanks For The Suggestion, Facebook

I’ve come to like and appreciate the 30boxes calendar system, both in its standalone form and inside Facebook as an embedded app. But today as I checked my appointments, I got a most unwelcome suggestion atop my calendar: Are fart jokes just that ubiquitous now? Update: I appreciate Narendra, founder of 30Boxes, coming by and… Continue reading Thanks For The Suggestion, Facebook

Google Reader Wish/Gripe List

I’m currently ping-ponging between myEarthLink Reader and Google Reader, since neither really gets me where I want to be anymore. I spend a large portion of my internet days and nights using an RSS reader. It has become the primary way I take in information each day, in multiple visits. When you depend on an… Continue reading Google Reader Wish/Gripe List

Flickr Change Of Address Cards

So far, one of the toughest parts of migrating my online identity from Earthling(and EarthLink) to just plain me has been moving my Flickr account from anearthling to extraface. I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about the process, poking around in the Flickr interface and 3rd-party tools, and finally in the Flickr mail… Continue reading Flickr Change Of Address Cards

Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hydrofoil

The ad below represents the first time I ever heard the word “hydrofoil.” I was ten. To my mind at the time, the evidence was in. This was a word I’d obviously need to master for future grown-up conversations. One of the great disappointments of adult life is that I’ve never once yet had the… Continue reading Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hydrofoil

BlogOrlando Notes

What a great event. I can’t say enough good things about it. With more than double the attendees from last year, it still managed to work remarkably well as an unconference — in many ways even better than last year’s. Josh Hallett did a phenomenal job bringing a unique array of people together, scheduling a… Continue reading BlogOrlando Notes