Lil Help Lazyweb? Your Photos of Athletes

For a goofy personal side project I’m working on, I need a whole mess of low resolution photos of famous/infamous/funny/beloved/obscure athletes. Snapshots and candids are welcome, and even better if they happen to show the athlete’s uniform number. Flickr user Seluma the hermit was already nice enough to grant me use of her fantastic photo of Johnny Bench for the cause:

Johnny Bench
Uploaded by Seluma, some rights reserved.

If you personally own any photos that fit this description, please drop a link in the comments or send me an email. If it’s not clear who is depicted, please note who it is. I’d like to comfortably know I have permission to use them, so please only speak for your own photos. If they’re already licensed under Creative Commons, great. If not, just let me know if you have any special conditions. I’ll give a credit and linky to any of them that I use.

I’m going to beat the Flickr groups and Smugmug bushes as well, but would love to see what you’ve got first.

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