The long-avoided hobby assessment part one: crafting

This is going to be long and self-indulgent. Please skip if you'd rather not spend a thousand or so words inside my head. I'm half-assedly dragging around the remnants of a lot of hobbies, interests, and side projects these days. I seek clarity about which of these are still truly of interest and value to… Continue reading The long-avoided hobby assessment part one: crafting

QotD: Set Your DVR

What TV show(s) will you be watching this season? Why?  Submitted by Lost – (but I will bail as soon as it becomes Gilligan's Island). Deadwood – Season's over, but whenever those mini-movies come out I'm there. The Wire – As Tom (Tom Talk tom) said earlier today, it's the best show about work… Continue reading QotD: Set Your DVR

Neologism of the weekend

"Geotard" – Someone who is hopeless with navigation, even when they have a map and/or directions. Use it in a sentence: "I am a geotard." I've had to drive around in a lot of unfamiliar cities lately, and I've found that my sense of direction can only come from meaningful points of reference and only… Continue reading Neologism of the weekend