Neologism of the weekend

"Geotard" – Someone who is hopeless with navigation, even when they have a map and/or directions. Use it in a sentence:

"I am a geotard."

I've had to drive around in a lot of unfamiliar cities lately, and I've found that my sense of direction can only come from meaningful points of reference and only when seen in the daytime. I have to figure around 3 or 4 destinations before I really know what the heck is going on. It's like I need to experience enough points on the polygon, or stars in the constellation, or something. I usually get a gestalt moment around the second day in a new place and then I'm pretty solid, but until then I'm a total mess with the driving and the navigating.

I am a geotard. I am not a lactard.

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  1. i am also a geotard, and you experienced today under a.station. i am not, however, a marketard. on second thought, i think i AM a marketard. fuck.

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