RogueApron On A Hot Night

Last night I attended RogueApron‘s Mama Mediterranean dinner, which included lemon basil infused vodka, delicious lamb kebabs, rich moussaka, and handmade biscotti and panna cotta for dessert. The food, drink, and company were all fantastic, as was the atmosphere of the lovely garden at the host home. Atlanta weather cooperated by holding back the rains,… Continue reading RogueApron On A Hot Night

For Your August Bulletin Board Display

Just like July, there are no real bulletin board displays in August except maybe in summer school and Europe. So for this month I freely chose from the available images in Bulletin Boards For All Occasions, by Margaret B. Randall, 1966. Step Up To Something New Experimenting. Different Music. A Good Book. A New Hobby.

The Obama Team Has Nice Google Chops

Last night I searched Google for the term “Barack Hussein Obama,” and the top of the results page looked like this: That’s an expensive ad placement, but I’m betting it’s quite effective. Even if they don’t click, people who are just now starting to pay attention to the election coverage(or are just now hearing the… Continue reading The Obama Team Has Nice Google Chops

Friday Heh

Playmobil Security Check Point – Available At Amazon Marketplace. Wondered And Worried – Ben’s grandma rocks the electronic mail machine. Giant 17′ Papercraft Gandhi – I defy you to show me one person who does not need a giant Gandhi made of paper. Carton Of Irregular Cat Hats – “I would not feel right asking… Continue reading Friday Heh

Fashion A Pocket In Your Day

My friend Cocolaco and her friend Pixelkin offer you an activity each day that you can do from where you are, wherever that happens to be, at As I understand it, the idea is to give you something short and achievable to take you out of your immediate routine and get you thinking in… Continue reading Fashion A Pocket In Your Day

Test Of WordPress App For iPhone

This is a test of the WordPress iPhone app that enables you to easily update WP blogs from your iPhone. I will be disappearing this entry shortly after it has been published. For those of you who do see it, the secret word is “intaglio”. Update: Might as well leave this up and turn it… Continue reading Test Of WordPress App For iPhone

A Fortnight Of Friday Heh

My apologies for the size of this heh list. That’s what I get for letting it pile up over 2 weeks. It’s all quality. Little Man Just Got His Hair Cut *And* Some Candy: Yeah he did. [via Twitturly, a service that shows you what URLs are being passed around on Twitter.] Resisty The Knitted… Continue reading A Fortnight Of Friday Heh

Miss Lenora, Who Keeps Up The Monument

I’ve got great neighbors. One of the first people I met when I moved to my neighborhood in East Atlanta was Ms. Lenora. I think I first bumped in to her on my morning dog walks. She fills me in on the latest news about her grandkids, goings-on in the neighborhood, and her gardening. She… Continue reading Miss Lenora, Who Keeps Up The Monument

Daily Candy Covers Rogue Apron

Congratulations to Lady Rogue, creator of my favorite new local business, for the excellent article in Daily Candy yesterday. I first heard of the new group when I received a mysterious follow request from @rogueapron on Twitter several months ago. It’s a traveling, underground dinner club, with food expertly sourced and prepared by a professional… Continue reading Daily Candy Covers Rogue Apron