Daily Candy Covers Rogue Apron

Congratulations to Lady Rogue, creator of my favorite new local business, for the excellent article in Daily Candy yesterday. I first heard of the new group when I received a mysterious follow request from @rogueapron on Twitter several months ago. It’s a traveling, underground dinner club, with food expertly sourced and prepared by a professional chef and beer/liquor pairings hand crafted by a local boozemaker. The prices are incredibly reasonable; at the first event carnivores paid $10, which included both food and accompanying booze, and vegetarians payed $5. I went to the inaugural St. Patrick’s Day event and lent a hand as volunteer photographer. The food, atmosphere, and company were all fantastic and I’ve been anxiously waiting for the upcoming BBQ event, whose date is yet to be determined.

Here are my photos from the St. Patrick’s Day event:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

If you’re interested in helping the group by playing host to an event, you can sign up here(FAQ on hosting). Donations and volunteer helpers are also always welcome. They have a mailing list and a Facebook group to let everyone know of upcoming events. Once an event is announced, I recommend jumping on it as space is limited and these things tend to fill up.

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