Friday Heh

The Beard Cap – Sort of a balaclava plus built-in sweet stache. Pac-Man, the Text Adventure – “…the game actually isn’t all that fun, since your choices are pretty much limited to “forward,” “backward,” and “eat dot.” ” Get Connected Worldwide, Rock On – Rap video featuring the executives of Singapore’s Media Development Authority. I… Continue reading Friday Heh

Thankful For Technologies

This year I declared myself thankful for some of the technologies that help bring my family together. The tools have clearly gotten easier and more familiar to people who don’t live so much of their life online like I do. I found this year that the tools I was showing off all provided some real… Continue reading Thankful For Technologies

But Don’t Forget The Songs That Made You Cry

“But don’t forget the songs That made you cry And the songs that saved your life Yes, you’re older now And you’re a clever swine But they were the only ones who ever stood by you” The Smiths, Rubber Ring Darren Barefoot just started, a project that encourages us all to send a few… Continue reading But Don’t Forget The Songs That Made You Cry

Friday Heh On A Wednesday

My Fridays haven’t lended themselves to publishing the heh list of late, and as a result I’ve yet to publish my first one here on Extraface. I have some time this morning, so let’s make Wednesday the new Friday: Mustaches For Kids – Not exactly the “program to provide mustaches for underpriviledged children” I thought… Continue reading Friday Heh On A Wednesday

Atlanta Startup Weekend Is A Success, Skribit Launches

Congratulations to the Startup Weekend Atlanta crew. I was only there for part of Friday night, but I’ve been following the action (and the drama) on the Startup Weekend blog. Anyone who can endure an entire weekend of wall-to-wall effort with a sizable crew of people they largely don’t know deserves some serious praise. They… Continue reading Atlanta Startup Weekend Is A Success, Skribit Launches

Closing Up One Shop, Opening Another

After trading in my foot patrol beat for a desk job several weeks ago, I just relinquished my badge and service weapon to EarthLink and am done there. If you’re interested, I wrote a series of three last entries [1, 2, 3] on Earthling to explain the transition. Starting today I’ll be a free agent,… Continue reading Closing Up One Shop, Opening Another

Happenings In Atlanta

Some things you could do before the holidays are upon us: Meet Pandora Founder Tim Westergren and fellow Pandora users this Thursday the 8th at 7pm at the 14th St. Playhouse. James at Metroblogging Atlanta highly endorses it. Be a part of Startup Weekend Atlanta and lend a hand as the collective builds a full-fledged… Continue reading Happenings In Atlanta

Meanwhile, Elsewhere At Forrester

While one side of the house is focused on new systems that will let you become a fansumer and have advertising-mediated interactions with the companies you like to do business with, a few mere months ago VP Bill Doyle presented some great material about what really matters in the financial services world — companies showing… Continue reading Meanwhile, Elsewhere At Forrester

Suggestions For Mashable’s Top Ten Blog Conference List

Alexdc’s twitter stream pointed me to a list put together of their top 10 blogger-related conferences. I think they missed the mark on one glaring omission (SXSW Interactive, the highlight of my conference year), and gave too much weight to conferences that haven’t proven themselves yet, most notably PostieCon and to a lesser extent… Continue reading Suggestions For Mashable’s Top Ten Blog Conference List