I’d Stay Away From Messages In Facebook That Say Justfuns.in

This morning I received a weird Facebook message from a friend. The subject said “Hello” and the content simply said “justfuns.in.” I haven’t seen much else about it elsewhere online (very few real search results so far), but the term “justfuns.in” is trending ‘spicy’ on Google. I’m guessing this is a spam/phisher scheme but I… Continue reading I’d Stay Away From Messages In Facebook That Say Justfuns.in

Heh Flashback: AIM In 2002

In which Anil Dash reacts to a friend trying to throw a virtual snowball at him as part of a big AOL Instant Messenger game*. Around that same time, Ukazu.com opined – “I’ve been hit by two instant messenger snowballs and one instant messenger penis — people are obviously bored.” *Substitute Facebook for AIM, Anil’s… Continue reading Heh Flashback: AIM In 2002

Facebook Learns To Abbreviate

One of the most frequent criticisms of Facebook’s current interface has been the long list of application signup requests in the far right “Requests” column. This morning I noticed for the first time that they’ve changed the layout, revealing only the first request and adding a clickable “…and X other requests” below. Before (uploaded by… Continue reading Facebook Learns To Abbreviate

Meanwhile, Elsewhere At Forrester

While one side of the house is focused on new systems that will let you become a fansumer and have advertising-mediated interactions with the companies you like to do business with, a few mere months ago VP Bill Doyle presented some great material about what really matters in the financial services world — companies showing… Continue reading Meanwhile, Elsewhere At Forrester

Thanks For The Suggestion, Facebook

I’ve come to like and appreciate the 30boxes calendar system, both in its standalone form and inside Facebook as an embedded app. But today as I checked my appointments, I got a most unwelcome suggestion atop my calendar: Are fart jokes just that ubiquitous now? Update: I appreciate Narendra, founder of 30Boxes, coming by and… Continue reading Thanks For The Suggestion, Facebook