43 Showers: Hotel Le Cirque, New Orleans, LA

43 Showers: Le Cirque at Lee Circle Just adequate. From the photo it looks clearly marked, but in the stall when the temp is selected, it can be hard to tell which way to turn it. I scalded myself once when in mid-shower I forgot what was where. But the room's reasonable price, the view of… Continue reading 43 Showers: Hotel Le Cirque, New Orleans, LA

QotD: In-Flight Entertainment

How do you pass the time during a flight?  What do you bring in your carry-on? I usually carry: The most recent The Believer mag A few issues of London Review of Books (this is sometimes the first shot I get at reading them) Nintendo DS Lite iPod Helio Drizzift One novel-sized book, most recently… Continue reading QotD: In-Flight Entertainment

QotD: Your Cheatin' Heart

Have you ever been cheated on? Ever cheated?  Submitted by Joe. If in high school you dated a girl who took a trip to Israel, consider yourself cheated on. I don't know what that's about, but it seems like all high school girls who take the Israel trip come back as homewreckers. Man law? Read… Continue reading QotD: Your Cheatin' Heart

Things That Are Worth More Than You Pay For Them

Today I bought a pound of coffee The other black gold and picked up my new specs. i’m not mad, i’m just staring at an isight It struck me that for what you get out of them, both eyeglasses and coffee beans are well worth the price you pay for them. I wish I had… Continue reading Things That Are Worth More Than You Pay For Them

QotD: It's Going To Be Different This Year

What are your resolutions for 2007? This is friends and family only. 1. Read. Make time for it.2. Exercise. Keep it up. You enjoy it.3. *Private*4. Get the garage cleaned out by 2008.5. Travel to visit friends. Travel for fun.6. Be friendlier whenever you can.7. Let go.8. Dress better. Read and post comments