Vonnegut On Writers

From Kurt Vonnegut, via Tom Talk: "This is what I find most encouraging about the writing trades: They allow mediocre people who are patient and industrious to revise their stupidity, to edit themselves into something like intelligence, They also allow lunatics to seem saner than sane." Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Roderick on Doing Rockstar vs. Imagining Rockstar

"You need to get past the fact that your imagination is better at doing the thing than your hands."-John Roderick, on The Merlin Show Also, "I've never met a person that had a dream that was unachievable…but they feel like the little bit of practice they have to do…" Watch the whole thing. Read and… Continue reading Roderick on Doing Rockstar vs. Imagining Rockstar

QotD: I Should Make A List

What do you always forget to pack?  Submitted by quornflour. I usually have eighteen zillion ac adapters, between phone, camera, comprooter, ipod, ds. I'm usually pretty mindful on the way out, but when I'm packing to head home I've been known to leave adapters at hotels. I once left a really nice dress shirt at… Continue reading QotD: I Should Make A List

Ask Your Vox BFFs: Neat or Lame?

user-generated living room The tall cylindrical LED lamp. I'm agonizing over it. Keep it or return it? Half the time I think it's perfect for the space, the other half I worry it's Spencer Gifts for grown ups. It can stay one color (controllable via a remote), or go through color progressions. I think when… Continue reading Ask Your Vox BFFs: Neat or Lame?

Considering The Homemade Peanut Butter Myths

I made homemade peanut butter last night. It went like this: Buy honey roasted peanuts Put in Cuisinart and mash mash mash It's delicious and nutritious, as far as I know. Just as delicious as what comes out of the grinding machine at Whole Foods. This busted a couple of myths for me:1. It's cheaper… Continue reading Considering The Homemade Peanut Butter Myths

Kurt Vonnegut Passed Away.

I thought Art Buchwald's NYT farewell video was kind of strange, but now I find myself yearning for one from Kurt Vonnegut that I guess was never made. I'm going through the times obituary hoping to find something from him about his last days, something new and with the perspective of the end. Though he… Continue reading Kurt Vonnegut Passed Away.