Day 2 – The $30 Project

Day Two of the $30 Project. Today I had the same breakfast as yesterday, which may turn out to be my every day thing — a slice of whole wheat Masada bread with honey roasted fresh ground peanut butter spread over it, and some Eight O’Clock Bean coffee. That all comes in around $0.69. I… Continue reading Day 2 – The $30 Project

The $30 Project: Day 1

This week I’m participating in an eating and budgeting experiment started by Tami Hardeman. Along with Molly and a handful of other folks, I’m doing my best to eat and drink from Monday through Sunday night all within a $30 budget. Molly brought Tami’s challenge to my attention over the weekend, and although (or perhaps… Continue reading The $30 Project: Day 1

Friday Heh

Today’s list is going to be live-updated, whenever I get a free moment. Refresh often! Flickr Is For Sparklecorn, But Not For Sellin’ – The first time I perused Mike Monteiro’s new proposed t-shirt design, it had about 6 comments, all on the topic of the shirt itself. Over the past couple of days, the… Continue reading Friday Heh

Friday Heh

Bear with me as I clear out some old stock to make way for this year’s models. The Seven Rules Of Astronomy – This would make an excellent series. [via Leah] Lucky In Love – Price Is Right Embroidery