Day 2 – The $30 Project

Day Two of the $30 Project. Today I had the same breakfast as yesterday, which may turn out to be my every day thing — a slice of whole wheat Masada bread with honey roasted fresh ground peanut butter spread over it, and some Eight O’Clock Bean coffee. That all comes in around $0.69.

I declined the office-provided lunch today and brought in a PBJ sandwich and a small can of Publix chunk pineapple. I supplemented that with a company-provided Coke Zero. I estimate the PBJ at approximately $0.72, and the pineapple was $1.09. I had some company-provided snacks around 3 pm, but didn’t count those. Total spent on lunch – $1.81.

For dinner, Molly and I made huevos rancheros/breakfast burritos. I purchased a $0.04 jalapeno pepper and a $0.16 tomato, and then my portion of the recipe included two $0.12 eggs, two $0.18 tortillas, $0.43 worth of Kroger Monterey Jack cheese, $0.55 worth of deli case pico de gallo, a few beans I sponged off of Molly, a handful of frozen chopped onions ($0.20 tops) and green onions ($0.10) and the leftover rice from last night at no additional charge. Oh, and a $0.33 Coke Zero. Total spent on dinner – $2.41

Total for the day: $4.91.
That’s a little higher than my average should be, but not bad.
Running total: $7.23
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