No Mickey, No Cry

Thanks to Josh, Leah, Annie, and BlogOrlando, for the heh from afar: Photo uploaded by Hyku and captioned “Mickey says ‘No hashtags!’” Earlier today, Jeremiah Owyang teased a link to this Justin Williams article with the line “Will hashtags go extinct?” One can only hope. No idea what any of this is about? If you… Continue reading No Mickey, No Cry

The Little DJ Returns

Produced in a time before MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail, back when JibJab’s first political piece shared space on their site with stuff like Fart Waffle, last night I introduced Tiny DJ to the modern content era: The conversion from Flash 4/5 swfs to AVI’s was a little buggy but not bad. Thanks to the… Continue reading The Little DJ Returns

Friday…Err…Sunday Heh

Everybody’s Pin Number – Revealed! – “Someone actually wrote in requesting an explanation as to how this thing works. Sorry, we do not reveal our trade secrets.” [via Brian P.] Unplug Your Friends – Fantastic stop-motion animation and email campaign by to get asses out of seats again. Lego Sends Blogger A Box Of… Continue reading Friday…Err…Sunday Heh