A Minimum Viable Good Day

Seems that my best days lately have all included at least the following ingredients: Coffee in the morning Yogurt or steel-cut oats for breakfast A run at some point Lunch 409 King’s Tea in the afternoon (out of a trip buddy usually) Music An episode of Back To Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin

Leveling The Complaining Field

(Note: This was originally published on BeAlmighty.com.) We’re pretty proud to have shipped this new Trained Tough? app for New Balance this week, just in advance of the running of the 2011 Boston Marathon a week from today. Here’s what it’s all about: Everyone who qualifies for the Boston Marathon has without question accomplished a… Continue reading Leveling The Complaining Field

Have you found your medium?

I asked this question on Tumblr and got just one sincere (thanks jspepper) and one jokey (thanks craxy) response, so I’m doubling up and seeing if those of your who read Extraface (or stuff in my Facebook profile) are willing to take this question on. I think it came to me while taking in episodes… Continue reading Have you found your medium?

An open letter to those who use Launchrock

Hey people who are trying to generate interest in an app or program that hasn’t been released yet, I might be excited to join your announcement and invite list, or I might not be, but I’m really un-excited about your using the Launchrock “viral” invitation request thingy that asks me to promote your as-yet-unexperienced app… Continue reading An open letter to those who use Launchrock

Little help from far away, thanks to Creative Commons and Daruma

A few weeks ago a Flickr user dropped me a piece of Flickr mail asking if she could use one of my photos. Hi there, I’m helping with a fund raising bake sale for victims of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. I was looking for a daruma image to use for the packaging… Continue reading Little help from far away, thanks to Creative Commons and Daruma