Have you found your medium?

I asked this question on Tumblr and got just one sincere (thanks jspepper) and one jokey (thanks craxy) response, so I’m doubling up and seeing if those of your who read Extraface (or stuff in my Facebook profile) are willing to take this question on. I think it came to me while taking in episodes 1-7 of the most excellent Back to Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin podcast recorded audio session series.

Would you say that you have found your medium – the medium in which you really shine – and if so, what is it?


  1. My search continues. I’m more and more interested in editorial strategy (social content kinda sounds anthropomorphish, and maybe my content is just shy?) and the stuff itself being appropriate for the medium where it appears.

    I say this as someone who has in the past seven months made an iPhone app, written for MSM online, created a POD and digital magazine, started to get paid for food photos, turned down one book proposal, and secretly writing a long-form something else and restarting a video series.

  2. I shine pitching people for business. That’s my serious medium.

    My jokey medium is beer. I would also say I prefer beer.

  3. i really, really love Twitter (as you probably know). do i shine? ehhh… i dunno. i think i probably abuse it more often than i’d like to admit. i don’t blog nearly as much as i used to, but i think in the long run, that’s my medium of choice for expression. i dearly miss writing at length in my blog on a regular basis; i just don’t have the time for it like i used to.

  4. sticky notes are so me…you don’t have room to do anything BUT get to the point. This medium makes me self-edit and that’s a good thing! My “for fun” medium is momisms…it’s just hilarious to hear me saying things I swore I’d never say….”would you jump off that bridge if connor asked you to?, I haven’t heard the magic word, one more time and I call your father :)”…it’s true that life can be summed up with things your mom tells you.

  5. I used to think that my medium would be something like novels or poetry but I certainly think I found my voice during a big blogging boom about 5 years ago now.

    I don’t know that I’ve settled on what form I’d ultimately like my writing to take though I’m pretty enamored with short form fiction right now.

    If linguistic pedantry were a medium I think I’d certainly have an affinity for that. Also, beer, as Efftrain mentions.

    In the end I think it’s some form of writing, though I don’t know that I’ve found the exact delivery mechanism for written self expression. It’s not Twitter, that’s for sure.

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