Friday Heh

How Many Paid? – A web app/game that asks you to pay a small fee to join, in order to find out how many people have paid a small fee to join. Moss On Moss – Artist Olly Moss breaks down the conceptual idea behind his beautiful, modernist Dirty Harry poster. Storage Masquerading As Clutter:… Continue reading Friday Heh

Why is no more

I was an early and excited user of, as you might remember from this 2007 Extraface post about creating a chart there of the least popular Boy Scout merit badges. That chart is now gone from the internet, as Swivel shut down recently. Via FlowingData today, I found a really insightful interview with the… Continue reading Why is no more

It was there all along!

This past Sunday Molly and I attended the Interfaith Summit on Happiness at Emory University, part of the Dalai Lama’s annual visit to Emory and featuring in addition to His Holiness: The Most Reverend Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori, the 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church; Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of the United Hebrew… Continue reading It was there all along!

Friday Heh

Reserves are still a little low – this is hopefully just enough to get you through. Fallon And Timberlake Hip-Hop History Medley: [via Kottke and Gavin P.] The 25 Most Ridiculous Pen & Pixel Album Covers Of All Time – Every time I click, I keep expecting to see Jamarcus Russell wearing a giant diamond… Continue reading Friday Heh