Facebook Learns To Abbreviate

One of the most frequent criticisms of Facebook’s current interface has been the long list of application signup requests in the far right “Requests” column. This morning I noticed for the first time that they’ve changed the layout, revealing only the first request and adding a clickable “…and X other requests” below.

Before (uploaded by Cvander)

Facebook Learns To Abbreviate

Much easier on the brain. Not a bad idea. Maybe they tightened up the graphics elsewhere too today — I’ll be on the lookout for additional tweaks. Let me know if you see anything else.


  1. And let me just use this space to say, publicly, YET AGAIN… to all of my Facebook friends, current and future: STOP SENDING ME ZOMBIE/PIRATE/NINJA/BULLSHIT REQUESTS!!! I’m not going to add those apps. It’s just not going to happen.

    /co-opt blog rant

  2. The key is blocking apps. I went on an app blocking frenzy a couple weeks ago and it is at a reasonable level of requests these days (and by reasonable, I mean pretty much nil.)

  3. App-blocking… aha! I either heard about that once and it fell out of my brain, or I just didn’t know. Will look into it now.

    Thank you, Dave, for allowing me to spew my caps-lock frustration all over your blog.

  4. I would like to revise my comment. I like the shortening, but currently my highlighted invite is some app I’ll never use. When I click through, I learn that I have event invitations in the “2 more invitations”.

    Um, invitations to DO stuff is why Facebook is really useful for me. Well, that and Scrabulous. So I’d rather it say “2 event invitations and 86 bajillion apps”

  5. I noticed that when you’re viewing the full status list of your friends (http://www.facebook.com/friends/?status) if you click on someone’s status comment, a larger version of their image opens, as does info about how you know them and the ability quickly message or poke them.

    It seems as if they’ve also added the ability to sort friends in to lists. Maybe this latter part has been there all along and I just noticed it, but I know the status list on steroids is new.

  6. I’m still missing a button to get them all out, but the detail is appreciated. At least you don’t feel irritated by so many dumb requests in that sidebar ;)

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