Think Before You Fool

Trying out Anil Dash’s blog text embedding feature in honor of his timely reminder that “Your April Fool’s Day Joke Continues To Suck”: Aside: Anil rigged up his blog recently so that you can easily embed his text-based blog entries on your site or blog, just like you embed videos or include photos. He places… Continue reading Think Before You Fool

Heh Flashback: AIM In 2002

In which Anil Dash reacts to a friend trying to throw a virtual snowball at him as part of a big AOL Instant Messenger game*. Around that same time, opined – “I’ve been hit by two instant messenger snowballs and one instant messenger penis — people are obviously bored.” *Substitute Facebook for AIM, Anil’s… Continue reading Heh Flashback: AIM In 2002