Think Before You Fool

Trying out Anil Dash’s blog text embedding feature in honor of his timely reminder that “Your April Fool’s Day Joke Continues To Suck”:

Aside: Anil rigged up his blog recently so that you can easily embed his text-based blog entries on your site or blog, just like you embed videos or include photos. He places a javascript code snippet at the end of every entry that you can grab and embed. That’s what you see above. What do you think of how it works?

Update: Leah points out that Anil’s embed code doesn’t come through if you’re reading this entry via RSS. If that’s the case for you, click on through to my site, or here’s the direct link if you want to skip that and go straight to the article I’m including.


  1. Hmm, this is one of the first times I’ve seen someone use the embed (other than the post where I was just trying out the idea), and I think it kinda works! Obviously, I chose the purple outline to kind of tie it to the look of my site, so I’m not sure that works on sites that, well, don’t share my aesthetic. :)

    I wonder if leaving the border style undefined but using an icon or something to indicate source instead might work? I think it can’t just be a simple blockquote in a box because then there’s no clear indication that you’re not actually responsible for the content there. Maybe I could make it look more like a YouTube embed?

  2. Leah: Thanks for the heads-up. Updated.

    Anil: Overall I like the style you chose, particularly what you’ve done with comment/commenter display. Is it possible for me to put a style declaration on my side, just to affect the colors and maybe border properties?

  3. yep, basically I’m not doing any real styling except the border, and any of it could be overridden easily in CSS.

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