Thanks For The Suggestion, Facebook

I’ve come to like and appreciate the 30boxes calendar system, both in its standalone form and inside Facebook as an embedded app. But today as I checked my appointments, I got a most unwelcome suggestion atop my calendar:
Fart jokes, now appearing atop my Facebook 30Boxes calendar.
Are fart jokes just that ubiquitous now?

Update: I appreciate Narendra, founder of 30Boxes, coming by and leaving the following comment on that screenshot in Flickr:

Yeah, I can’t say that I am a fan of that combo, but since we are behind *both* 30 Boxes and the ad network (fbExchange) that is serving that add, we only have ourselves to blame!

I’m sure you realize that if you view your calendar at, we have no ads!

First off, thanks again for noticing my screenshot and leaving a comment. Second, I grant that nobody is bleeding from this foul, it’s just off-putting especially coming from an app I’ve really warmed up to. The unusual thing about that particular ad placement is that it’s mostly just advertising to me, the calendar owner. I’m the one who sees it the vast majority of the time. Previous ad creative up there hasn’t bothered me, but this one makes me feel like one of my favorite applications is talking to me like a knucklehead 14 year old brother. Up until then, it had spoken to me like a friendly colleague.

Since Facebook has all of this rich profile and preference information on me, and in signing up for 30Boxes Calendar I probably signed all of that away for private viewing by the app, is there a way the ad exchange can serve me ads that have the potential to appeal to me? Seems like that would make everybody happy — the Facebook app being advertised, me, the ad network, people who like fart jokes, etc. I guess another alternative is to screen the creative coming in.


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