Friday Heh

  • The Beard Cap – Sort of a balaclava plus built-in sweet stache.
  • Pac-Man, the Text Adventure – “…the game actually isn’t all that fun, since your choices are pretty much limited to “forward,” “backward,” and “eat dot.” ”
  • Get Connected Worldwide, Rock On – Rap video featuring the executives of Singapore’s Media Development Authority. I think I know why this happens. Just like all nations must go through the painful growing pains of an industrial revolution of some kind to get to mechanization and mature capitalism, most countries will experience the “inappropriate appropriation of hip-hop” phase so crucial to more advanced stages of indigenous rap development. CF: Rappin Rodney circa 1983. [via Anselm]
  • HEH Associates – Although I do congratulate HEH Associates of Wilton, CT for their 2006 Spotlight award, I have to say I’m disappointed by the apparent lack of heh to be found in their practice and its web presence.
  • The Chewbacca Backpack – ThinkGeek will send you a functional Chewbacca to wear on your back in exchange for a mere $39.99.

  • Send a Borat Voicemail – I salute whoever had the courage to allow Borat to be true-to-form and slightly mangle the URL. [via Leah Jones]
  • Fox News Porn – “All clips used in this video were taken from Fox News Broadcasts.” [via jzawodn]
  • Jazzercise With A Boogie Body – Future anthropologists will speculate on the importance of The Boogie Body as it related to the unfortunate development of the vestigial Jazz Hand.
  • The Shut Up Ringtone – A rare piece of AP heh. “Many Spaniards were so amused when their king told Venezuela’s president to “shut up” they want to hear the words every time their phone rings. A leading news paper in Madrid says about half a million people have downloaded a mobile phone ringtone featuring the phrase “Why don’t you shut up?” in Spanish.”

**If you enjoy the heh, consider circling April 25-27 on your calendar and making time to attend the first annual ROFLCon in Cambridge, MA.


  1. “Get loose for heaven’s sake! Don’t you know how to get loose by now? I should think you would!”

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