Know Your Extraface Side Projects

Here are a few of the side projects I’ve started, thought about starting, or am in the middle of, all in various stages of animation from just born to undead zombie. If this looks like a foolishly large number of balls in the air, mental clutter, or a team of horses pulling in 5 different directions, take a listen to the podcast of Jim Coudal and Brendan Dawes’ presentation at SXSW last year, Making Your Short Attention Span Pay Big Dividends. Credit or fault that talk with giving me the courage to start a whole lot of things since last March, and getting over my crippling distaste for littering the world with ambitious half-completed or stagnant personal projects. Hopefully what will happen is that in working on many of them for some period of time, I’ll learn some things and get a sense along the way of which have the most promise for one reason or another, and then see those few through to completion:

  • 43 Showers – I try to get a photo of every shower handle I come across in my travels. I also take submissions from others. The idea is to notice how unstandardized shower controls are, and how difficult it can be to figure them out in a strange place at an odd hour. The project needs a design overhaul and an import of some old content I started to stockpile in other places.
    Status on a scale from Infant to Undead Zombie: pre-teen.
  • – This is a blog that Tom and I started to point out the best and worst explanations we come across both online and off. It needs both design help and far more frequent content updates.
    Status on a scale from Infant to Undead Zombie: Although I just updated it yesterday, because of the aforementioned needs I’m still classifying it as a zombie until it proves otherwise.
  • Serial Audio Project: Some of you know about this already. In collaboration with Creevus, I’m reworking a masterpiece frmo the 80’s. More details when we’re further along.
    Status: just born
  • Live Music-related Project: I’m working with Tessa on something that involves live musical performance, the internets, and chewing gum.
    Status: pre-natal
  • Vlog Project X2471: I’ve had a few conversations with Alan and Andy and a few other people about developing a half-game show/half-informative video series in one of Andy’s areas of expertise. Once I have the first shot at a structure for the show, we’ll whip up a pilot and see what you all think.
    Status: due
  • Oh, and there’s also the Hipster Domain Holding Page, where your feedback and participation is always welcome.
    Status: tweener


  1. I’ll send you a photo of the shower handle at our hotel in Columbia, SC this weekend. :) Btw, I think the design of the 43 Showers site looks just fine! I like that it’s minimalistic and non-intrusive.

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