Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hydrofoil

The ad below represents the first time I ever heard the word “hydrofoil.” I was ten. To my mind at the time, the evidence was in. This was a word I’d obviously need to master for future grown-up conversations.

One of the great disappointments of adult life is that I’ve never once yet had the chance to compliment someone on their lovely hydrofoil.


  1. The hydrofoil was one of my all-time favorite GI Joe toys. I was always Cobra while my brother was Joe and this was a significant upgrade to my arsenal when I got it. Much cooler than the Trouble Bubble.

  2. My former-war-protester parents banned G.I Joe from the house, and my Quaker school frowned on it too, which made me want this stuff all the more. I managed to score a handful of lesser figures from friends who took pity, but they had to ride around in Star Wars vehicles like everybody else.

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