Raiders Lose, I Lose, Slideshow To Come

Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook know that this past weekend I layed down a gentleman’s wager with a gentleman named Gregg. It went as follows:

Raiders vs. Chargers, 10/14/2007

Gregg takes: Chargers by 10 or more
Dave takes: Raiders, or Chargers by 9 or less

The loser has to create a SlideShare presentation illustrating why their team lost, including the terms “go-forward basis” and “from a we suck perspective”. At least 10 slides, with at least one Tufte-offending chart.

The presentation must be online by midnight the following Sunday.

The Chargers won the game 28-14, so I’ve been on the clock all week for the presentation. Watch for the bet’s payoff some time between now and Sunday at midnight. Suggestions and submissions for the slide deck are welcome.

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  1. *Really* looking forward to this, though I’m a little concerned that I’ve already heard all the reasons why the Raiders suck. Maybe the chart will shed some new light.

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