The Fruits Of The Bet: Raiders v. Chargers

With under an hour to spare, I am proud to present below the payoff to my bet with Gregg on the Raiders/Chargers game: | View | Upload your own My thanks to Skitch and SlideShare, without which this would not be possible. Update: Now featured on the SlideShare main page!

Raiders Lose, I Lose, Slideshow To Come

Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook know that this past weekend I layed down a gentleman’s wager with a gentleman named Gregg. It went as follows: Raiders vs. Chargers, 10/14/2007 Gregg takes: Chargers by 10 or more Dave takes: Raiders, or Chargers by 9 or less The loser has to create… Continue reading Raiders Lose, I Lose, Slideshow To Come