Brief Notes

  • Check out how the Robotobots used colored post-it notes to sequence their futuristic hip-hop concept album. If you haven’t been following their progress all along, you might not know about their WiiMix Nintendo Wii soundtrack remixes. I’m still holding out hope for a remix of the Count Bleck theme from Super Paper Mario.
  • Earlier this week Mike Arrington and others called out MySpace’s greeter and founder “Tom” profile for fudging Tom Anderson’s age. What’s been more problematic and credibility-straining all along is that Tom’s profile doesn’t display any links to his digital life outside of MySpace.
  • Special Extraface thanks to Flickr user Mathgeektodd for granting me permission to use his Cedric Benson photo for my side project. The hunt is still on — if you’ve taken any photos of famous/infamous/funny/odd/famous-to-you athletes, drop me a line.
  • Do you like pencils? Do you really really like pencils? Take a look at the Brand Name Pencils blog for a pretty comprehensive archive of the pencils of the world.
  • Zombies In Plain English. Well done again, Common Craft. “Legs: limpy.”
  • Watch Scoble distractedly and feverishly pontificate on how TechMeme works, and opportunities to game it to get your stuff to appear on it. There’s great information in here, but the Blair Witch stylings make it a little tough to follow in parts. Scoble deprecatingly sets them up as “long, boring, videos no one will watch.”
  • Merlin hatches “Flickr Pokr,” where if you find two similar photos by different contact, that’s a hand: “…contiguous Contacts’ photo content scores you 2- and 3-of-a-kind (pets, conferences, etc.).”