Year-End Tidying Up Tasks

I’m thinking about some tidying, straightening, and reflecting before 2010 hits. Hopefully by listing it out I’ll make it more likely that I get through a bunch of it. Here are the things I hope to get through in the next 10ish days:

  • Read through and clear out my to read, to watch, to listen to, and to look at piles

  • Same same for pile of magazines and things – recycle as many paper catalogs and magazines as I can bear to part with

  • Archive my 2009 received and sent email

  • Clean out online storage, Google docs account, and laptop drive of anything that’s not worth holding on to indefinitely

  • Consolidate and revisit my backup scheme

  • File any needed 2009 papers, shred older stuff that I don’t need any more

  • Bring my WP install and all plug-ins up to date

  • Make a few practical and a few more directional resolutions for next year

  • Take a fresh look at and the blog, and see if any adjustments might be needed

  • Remove and sell, recycle, or donate some of the attic clutter

Possibly more later.

Update: I asked my network via Aardvark (@vark) what digital tidying they are doing to prepare for the new year. I’ll paste some of the answers here:

Ryan A, from SLC

“1) search HD for files I no longer need, including duplicates, empty folders, installers, tryout software I never bought,

2) remove Preference files for files as per above.

3) archive pictures I no longer need immediate access to. Same with photos.

4) backup my financial records for the year.

5) purge email folders of unnecessary stuff

6) run all maintenance scripts ( which should have been periodically run throughout the year), fix permissions (LINUX, Apple). Optimize HD.”

Marie from Tucson

“…oddly enough, yesterday i started burning CDs to back up one computer. i’ve got a problem with ubuntu and need to reinstall the OS. don’t want to loose anything. i’ve also been reading Chris Guillebeau’s annual review and those of others. thinking i will make one of my own and pop it into a time capsule for my nieces. “