Friday Heh

  • Smart Tag Line – Reminds me of a Costanza line whose context I’ve forgotten, something like “whatever it is you want, that’s what we don’t have.”
  • Nobody Cares If Your Puns Were Intended – No, really. Take heed. [via gregg].
  • My New Favorite German Breakfast Cereal:

  • Five Lego Video Games That Will Never Happen – I like how they go all the way with the art.
  • Mis-addressed Voicemails – Strange messages left on an unused Vonage number. [via Robot Skirts]
  • The Pizza Scarf – If I could knit and I were thrown in prison for 12 years, I’d knit a really really long pizza scarf. Or just a bunch of small ones.
  • Movie Run Times – A unitasking web application that just tells you how long a movie runs for – a quiet heh. [via Jonas]
  • One Red Paperclip Update – You could smell the setup from a mile away, but the punchline still gets me. The article is about how Red Paperclip guy, who I saw speak at ROFLCon, is taking offers to trade his house for things. The article concludes with “So far, he’s gotten one proposal:.. [spoiler redacted]”
  • Hellboy Plush Costume – This is just fantastic.

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  1. When I did some work in Germany a few years ago, I got a kick out of seeing “Monsters, GmbH” instead of “Monsters, Inc.” – just so random.

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