But First, Let Me Share These Things I Liked With You

1. Merlin Mann pointed me to a DJ by the name of Girl Talk who makes fun, frenetic, sample-fueled tracks. I read Merlin’s tweets and was intrigued, so this morning I investigated and am enjoying listening to what’s available on Hype Machine. Wikipedia helped too. Girl Talk is in the process of releasing a new album and on the site you can decide whether you want just the mp3’s, high quality FLAC’s, or the CD once it starts shipping, and you name your own price for each or all. It provides guidelines so that if you want to be fair, you can.

2. Yesterday, I very much enjoyed Dallmayr Sonnenblumen Honig honey from Munich, on a Grands biscuit with some butter.

3. Just a few minutes ago, Gregg shared with me this video interview that Mark at Boingboing.tv did with Kyle Glanville, U.S. Barista Champion and one of the baristas that spends time behind the counter at Gregg’s local Intelligentsia coffee. I expected it to be all magic and mumbo jumbo, but Kyle shows off his deep organic understanding and encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of what goes in to a proper espresso. As I said to Gregg, it’s refreshing to be reminded that there are still specialties and specialists who own a particular subject area, that some things will never be “just look it up on the web” easy.

4. Earlier this morning I enjoyed reading Tony Pierce’s How To Blog from 2004, for the first time. I don’t agree with all of it, and it doesn’t reflect how I blog, but I’m glad that Tony does what he does how he does and that he is so helpful in getting others to do the same in their own way.

5. Jason Santa Maria’s article, A New Day, inspired me to think about my blog a little differently today.

6. I’m not sure about numbering the items and the italicizing key passages. Just giving it a try.


  1. That coffee video was kind of sweet (in a good way). I never even drink the stuff, but his enthusiasm is contagious (as enthusiasm often is).

    And I liked it when the interviewer tasted the batch that wasn’t supposed to be quite right; his expression was like… wow, that’s some damn fine coffee for not-quite-right.

    Which is a separate truth. Experts and pros are so into the nuances that they discard stuff that mere mortals would prize.

  2. Not sure how i haven’t come across your blog before, but enjoyed reading. Felt compelled to tell you I heart Girl Talk.

    Now it’s more and more like I still live in the EAV, if I just follow enough Buzz folks’ feeds.

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