Friday Heh For 6/27/08

  • In case you haven’t already been acquainted with Giant Rolling Eddie Murphy Head, I think it’s best to lead off with that even though it’s one entry below this.

    As bonus coverage, here’s some serene video of the head’s travels.

  • Usher: Love In This Club – The best damn animatronic all-animal band this side of Tijuana performs a classic club ballad. In many ways much more entertaining than the live Gorillaz show I saw in Boston a few years ago. [via Mr. Harris]

  • Anil Dash: Blogger – Jheri Curls, pointed analysis of contemporary media and culture and PYT’s have never looked so right together. [via Jeremy Zawodny (congratulations and best wishes at Craigslist!)]

  • The Cat That Hated People – I’ve been chasing this Tex Avery short ever since the dawn of YouTube. On this most recent viewing, I realized the cat’s voice characterization sounds a lot like Loren Feldman’s Shel Israel Puppet.

  • Ikea Furniture Name Generator – Having spent way too much time in Ikea lately, I can appreciate that my Swedish furniture name is DAF.

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