Good Things At Super Deluxe

A few recent things at Super Deluxe I really like:

  • Bathing With Bierko: John Malkovich – This hits a comedy sweet spot for me. When done well, I like awkward-funny a whole lot. But it’s also a real interview that does, in fact, shed light on John Malkovich in its own way. Thankfully, Bierko in no way acknowledges the odd format or gives any sort of wink towards the audience(no “look at me! I’m in a bathtub, naked, with John Malkovich! Isn’t this crazy?”), he just does his business thoroughly cleaning John Malkovich’s bumpy dome, asking him probing questions, and performing some basic role-playing exercises.

  • The New Background Image On The Home Page – *Maybe* it’s a mama bird feeding life-giving smokes to wormy birdlets? I’m not sure but I like what it does for the layout and feel of the front door. Great work, Jeremy.
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  • Jonah Ray’s Quit Playing Video Games – Any short that visually compares blowing on Nintendo cartridges to make them work to blowing in a lady’s ear gets a heh from me.
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  • The Blog’s SXSW Music Festival Coverage – Lots of great bite-sized chunks that give you a sense of what it’s like to feast on music, comedy, food, and booze while lost in a sea of transplanted hipsters. While the arms-length ironic judgement force field that tends to surround comedy industry workers can at times be grating, it works really well at a coolfest like SXSW. Great work, Ben and Matt…oh sorry, “El_Douche_A” and “Senatorturer.”

(Note: Super Deluxe is one of my clients.)