A Reunion Of Sorts

I’m moving on this week from my position at Edelman in order to focus on some projects with a few old friends up North and invest quality time in a personal project or two with old friends out West. I’ll continue to be based in Atlanta for now.

I started out in Web work over a decade ago at Pagano, Schenck, and Kay’s PSK01, which eventually became Circle Interactive, Circle.com, and a progression of names and ownership structures. I’ll even claim responsibility for this masterpiece of an under construction screen from ’98:

Through much of that time I worked with Joe Polevy and Erik Pelletier, who went on to become a founder and a pillar of Almighty, respectively. We formed a bond over the time we worked together around shared values, frustration at the conventional processes and work models of the time, an abiding interest in how the work could get done in a better, happier, simpler way, a love of Web culture, and perspectives on what’s most important. As I left Boston to move to Atlanta around ’04, Almighty the agency was just starting to take shape. When I hit the fast forward button recently and looked in after an inquiry from Erik on what I was up to, it was gratifying to see that our disparate work experiences have only reinforced what we had in common professionally. That Almighty has brought together a larger group of people aligned under some of those views, including an interdiscliplinary, silo-free approach to work, is exciting to me as well. I look forward to becoming a part of the unfolding story.

I’m also excited to set aside some time to work with my friends Gregg and Josh at Incredibly Lifelike (who I met, worked with, and was inspired by while at EarthLink) on an important part of my personal and professional life that sometimes get short-shrift — making stuff. More on that as it develops.

I learned a great deal while at Edelman and had the privilege of working alongside some great folks, both in terms of clients and agency colleagues, in the midst of a meaningful and challenging evolution taking place throughout the firm from Public Relations to Public Engagement. Many thanks to all those I worked with, within Edelman and without. I’m glad to have made what I know will be some lasting friendships and professional relationships in my year here.

As is customary as I make career transitions and from time to time, I’ll be changing my The Wire “feeling most like” icon on my about page from Cedric Daniels to…let’s go with Brother Mouzone for now.

When he heard the news, my friend Jonathan contributed this jam, later matched in video by Doug, for your enjoyment:


  1. Wow — unexpected! I’m happy to see you’re moving on to fulfill what excites you and glad to see you’re not leaving Atlanta. ;)

    Best of luck as always buddy!

  2. Congratulations. That sounds awesome. Glad you seem to have found your bliss. I guess we are at that age, huh? Good luck with everything and if ever your road brings you to Tulsa, let me know!

  3. Good luck Mr. Coustan, you always do innovative stuff, so looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully Toofis and Max received offer letters as well?

  4. Dave,

    I’m sorry to hear your going to be leaving Edelman, Good luck with everything! Please keep in touch, I live in Houston TX now but, I will be at SXSW interactive next March, if you are there please let me know and we will get a drink!

    Warm regards,
    Lindsey George
    Cumulus Media Houston

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