Friday Heh

Editor’s note: It’s no big secret that I store all my hehs as I find them at All of my delicious bookmarks flow into my Facebook profile via FriendFeed, and until now that was unremarkable. Recently I’ve noticed a few people, and not always the same people, enjoying and commenting on my hehs as they flow throw Facebook. I’m wondering if the real-timiness of those hehs is diminishing the value of the weekly heh and I might need to revisit the format. Feedback welcome.


  1. Keep doing the Friday Hehs as special addition, I skip over anything in Facebook that comes from Friendfeed – so I don’t see ’em until you post here.

  2. I am sure that my facebook friend feed is much like many others in that I have so many people on there, that I only see some of what is going on. Also, it makes for a good blog post, and that’s ALWAYS a good thing!

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