Share A Spreadsheet For Added Sticktoitiveness

I was just noticing that my friend Fox and I have been sharing a Google Docs spreadsheet humbly titled “Spreadsheet Of Ideas” for over a year, and it’s still active. It’s where we put ideas we’d like to hold on to, whether they are projects we’d like to share with each other or things we’re each thinking about on our own. The point isn’t to necessarily work together on stuff, just to collect the ideas we each want to keep. We stay out of each other’s hair and update it independently, whenever we think of it.

What’s nice is that on the main page of Google Docs, I can see when she’s been in the sauce, and any time I notice she was the last one in, that motivates me to dive in and see what’s new. Once I’m in it, it’s likely I’ll remember to add some stuff of my own. It’s inspiring to see progress being made by someone else. It’s like virtual co-working. Fox is in Australia and I’m in Atlanta, but we can still overhear and work alongside each other on our respective side projects and brainstorming.

It looks like we both went through a dead spell from December through June; not sure what that’s about:

the datestamps

I’m glad to have it around every time I look in, and I can tell you it would have been long since abandoned and forgotten about if it didn’t have a co-owner.

So the protip here is for a document you’d like to keep alive for an extended period of time, find someone who you feel comfortable sharing and thinking with, and let them in on the document even if (and especially if) they won’t be collaborating with you.

P.S. Thanks, Fox!

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