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I’ve been having a great time working with the folks at Super Deluxe for the past few weeks. I’ve collected some snippets from my travels here and there on Flickr:
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Ben loves his fruit snacks
Ben and his love of Welch’s fruit snacks

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Much of my time has been spent noodling around with Ben, Matt, et al on the Super Deluxe Blog, thinking through new forms of content, discussing what has worked best and where possible new directions might make sense, and suggesting some features that would make it that much easier to love. We should be making some incremental feature enhancements soon including a much-needed WordPress version upgrade.

It struck me this morning that the string of stuff on the blog’s main page right now is a pretty good mix. The current story is an excellent interview SD Creative Director Jeremy Brady did with Toby Radloff, who you might know from the world of Harvey Pekar and the movie American Splendor. It’s exclusive content, it’s about a personality lots of people want to know more about, it’s well executed and it also ties back to a Super Deluxe show, The Ted Zone. Here are a few of Toby’s insights from the interview:

“How many times have you seen Revenge of the Nerds?
Toby: I’ve seen it 40 times. I just bought the Atomic Wedgy package that includes all four movies.

What makes a true nerd, Toby?
Toby: Someone who is different. Whose ideas are different. Voice is different. I stand up for my beliefs and that’s what makes me proud to be a nerd.

Who has made fun of you for being a nerd?
Toby: More of the druggy types. And the long hair guys. They would make fun of me for wearing a leisure suit to school. I was so vocal about not doing drugs. I went to my high school reunion and someone apologized to me and that meant a lot to me. People honor me now. Some of the people who picked on me honor me…”

Then there’s a poll asking you to share what annoys you most about Super Deluxe, with space available for you to write in your own answer. I especially like this because it manages to be both self-effacing in the spirit of the blog’s brand, and open to sincere discussion and feedback at the same time. It’s funny but leaves room for some real, honest suggestions as well. FYI, “The White People” is the answer currently in the lead. If you have a horse in this race, please add your thoughts to the pile.

Third on the page is a brief show note about last night’s Tim and Eric Nite Live’s performance. I like this both for its straightforward utility and for the fact that based on what we saw in traffic and comments, Tim and Eric viewers sought out the blog for more information on apparent technical difficulties. The SD blog would be a great place to share some of the gory details when things take a turn for the unexpected. Or did they? Update: A little more on the technical glitch here

And fourth is a nice brag about a Brad Neely write-up in the New York Post, with pointers to more about Neely’s shows.

Thanks to everyone for showing me the ropes so far, freely sharing your opinions and concerns and being open to new ideas, and generally making me feel welcome. I look forward to continuing to lend a hand.

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