Pimento Cheese Disappears From The Vortex

I’m not the only one who has noticed that The Vortex no longer offers Pimento Cheese. As of what I think is an 11/2007 menu printing, gone is any trace of the Pimento Cheese option as an appetizer, for burgers or for grilled cheeses. When I discovered this today, our server said something about a supply/demand problem where there weren’t enough people ordering it to go through the supply quick enough as far as restaurant economics go. She also said there seems to be a small and vocal fan base who has noticed its absence. Fill out a comment card if you’d like to see it return as much as I do. Note: also gone is the Choker Burger, but they’ll still honor a request to put artichoke spread atop your burger.

A couple of other news items around Atlanta:

  • Annie at Metroblogging Atlanta wrote about The Happenstance, which sounds like a neat event — “Musicians sign up and then are randomly distributed into bands, who then rehearse and come up with 20 minute sets to be played that night.” It’s coming up on Saturday night, December 15th. And it also benefits several charities.
  • Jason and Erin’s Hushpuppy Gallery is new to me and I am anxious to check it out.
  • James challenged us all to use MARTA just a little bit more.
  • And I appreciated Shelly’s coverage of the continuing Atlanta water shortage, with lots of conservation tips and useful information.


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