Proper Friday Heh List

Mostly visual this week.

Heh Flashback: AIM In 2002

In which Anil Dash reacts to a friend trying to throw a virtual snowball at him as part of a big AOL Instant Messenger game*.

Around that same time, opined – “I’ve been hit by two instant messenger snowballs and one instant messenger penis — people are obviously bored.”

*Substitute Facebook for AIM, Anil’s friend for someone you know who is a Facebook hyperactive, and Facebook Zombies(or Snowball Fight for that matter) for “Snow Ball Fight 2002-2003” and here you are in 2008.

Chatbubble Experiment: Sammy Stephens Explains It All

it’s just like

it’s just like

it’s just like

a mini


[See this YouTube clip if this doesn’t ring a bell]

The above is me testing out Rajbot’s Chatbubble tool, which endeavors to make it easier to display chat logs in HTML that look like iChat sessions. The tool consists of a CSS file, an icons directory, and a Python script you feed message text through. If you’re using it on WordPress, you also need to use Alex King’s WP-Unformatted to stop WordPress from adding unnecessary p tags to blog entries that use Chatbubble.

I used to love the pre-AOL partnership Progressive Boink “Dugout” feature (hat tip to Matt Hunt for introducing me to it) and I could see using Chatbubble for similar antics, or just as a new format for explaining things comic-style.

It doesn’t yet work right on all browsers, and it appears to need a light background because of the aliasing tricks.

I want to do what I can to help move this project along, so if anyone thinks they would benefit from a full “how-to” on using it, let me know and I’ll whip one up.

As If You Needed A Reason To Visit New Orleans

Three excellent events that I don’t think I can make it to, so you should go and eat and drink and take pictures and then come back and tell me about them:

  • BarCamp NOLA, February 16 and 17. The BarCamp format is now a pretty tried and true way to learn things, meet fellow doers, spend time with interesting people, and in some cases, get something specific accomplished. BarCamp Atlanta ’07 was great, and with three of my favorite people participating — Brian Oberkirch, Chris Schultz, and Alan Guiterrez, I’m sure BarCamp New Orleans will be a good time. More on Chris’s and Brian’s blogs.

  • Alternative Media Expo, February 23. I read about this just the other morning on Miss Malaprop’s blog. I really enjoyed Athens’ Fluke festival a couple of years ago, and this looks to be a similar gathering of artists and publishers of all kinds.

  • An Event Apart New Orleans, April 24-25. I haven’t made it to one of these yet but everyone I know who has attended has raved about them. Unfortunately the dates of this one coincide with the first ever Roflcon in Cambridge, MA, which I have high hopes for and will be attending and supporting.

    Other reasons to visit New Orleans:

  • The Frenchuletta at Liuzza’s
    The Frenchuletta.

  • The Fried Crawfish Plate at Frankie and Johnny’s
    Fried Crawfish Plate

Heh List For Friday 2/8/2008

Apologies for having fallen behind in my heh chronicling. If you ever need a fix in between updates, you can always peek in on the things I’ve tagged heh on But beware, there there be spoilers.

  • CNN Physics Fail – The FAIL blog is the “Oh shit” T-shirt of our time. In the imaginary custom internet Nick Negroponte-visioned newspaper made just for me of things I read every day, I Can Has Cheezburger, XKCD, and FAIL comprise my single-panel comics page.

  • Dip Once Or Dip Twice – A Clemson University food study inspired by the “double dipping” questions raised by a Seinfeld episode.

  • Game Boy At Stonehenge:

    Photo uploaded by Cybjorg under a Creative Commons license
    [via Splodinvark]

  • Anhedonia – 11 Minutes of Annie Hall illustrated with stock photography from Getty Images.

  • Calling Him Darth Is Like Calling Him ‘Jerk’ – A spirited discussion between radio host Phil Hendrie, his guest, and a caller about proper role play and Darth Vader etiquette.*

  • Curly Moustache Cat – Though she’s following the letter of the law, I’m not sure if this qualifies her as “Pringles”.

  • Dramatic Lemur – Continuing the tradition of the Dramatic Chipmunk and the Evil Baby, the exaggerated facial expression baton passes to yet another animal.
    [via Leah]

  • Ten Star Wars Toys That Look Like Other Celebrities – This was doubly hehful when as I described the concept to him, El_Douche_A inexplicably guessed that a Han Solo figure looks like Josh Brolin.

  • Explain To Me About Bomb Juice – Jon Stokes asked the newly minted TSA Blog to explain the logic behind the liquids-in-a-ziploc rigamarole. A few days later, TSA obliged.

  • Who Let The Dogs Out Bling Bling Baby! – Recently withdrawn Republican candidate Mitt Romney shows he’s deeply in touch with the language of the regular folks.

  • Trees Reviewed – Steven Frank considers the tree in the style of an A-list technology blogger’s review.

  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

    Photo uploaded by Colin_n under a Creative Commons license

  • Subway Barbers – A blog that reviews the haircuts given at the barber shops located in NY subway stations.

*Phil plays the role of himself and his guests, and sometimes his callers as well.

Sinclair Gas From Flickr To My Living Room

February is apparently “free neat stuff from nice people” month, between the Dulce De Leche concoction from Blake and this.

Big thanks to Leah for sending me the Sinclair Gas patches depicted below. The design is really pleasing, so simple and beautiful.
Sinclair Patches

A little background on the patches, Sinclair, and how they made it to my living room:

Leah’s great grandfather, Granpa Jimmy, was a truck driver for Sinclair. One of the stories he used to tell is that in those days, to keep the truck from exploding they attached a chain to it and it kept it “grounded” by dragging on the road. As Granpa Jimmy told it, when her great uncle (also Jimmy) would hear the chain on the road, he would climb out of the school window, run to the truck and join Grandpa Jimmy on his route.

Leah’s dad had the patches made for her family for Christmas in 2005, and gave them out along with that story. She thinks he probably found one of the original patches at a thrift store and had some new ones made from it. Her dad gave her all of the extra patches, and she couldn’t think of what to do with them until she saw this photo in Josh Hallett’s Flickr stream:

When she saw the photo of an old Sinclair sign and the interest in it, she remembered the patches and sent them out to a lucky few of her friends.

[Wikipedia has the following to say about the history of Sinclair Oil]

Unboxing Blakemakes Peanut Butter Dulce De Leche

I was one of the lucky few to receive a jar of’s first batch of Peanut Butter Dulce De Leche. Blake is a friend I met a couple of years ago while visiting New Orleans for EarthLink/Earthling. He has recently started up a food blog and is now experimenting with producing food products under the Blake Makes label. Even though I was a little slow on the draw with his offer a few days ago, he graciously snuck me in to the “beta” list.


The jar arrived last night and this morning I opened it up, but not without shooting each step in breathless gadget blog “unboxing” fashion:

Fully boxed.

A peek inside.

Contents (lamp not included)
The assembled contents.

First Taste
The first taste was delicious. I’ll update this entry once I’ve sampled some more.

Thanks Blake! Glad to be a deliciousness tester any time you need me.