Heh List For Friday 2/8/2008

Apologies for having fallen behind in my heh chronicling. If you ever need a fix in between updates, you can always peek in on the things I’ve tagged heh on del.icio.us. But beware, there there be spoilers.

  • CNN Physics Fail – The FAIL blog is the “Oh shit” T-shirt of our time. In the imaginary custom internet Nick Negroponte-visioned newspaper made just for me of things I read every day, I Can Has Cheezburger, XKCD, and FAIL comprise my single-panel comics page.

  • Dip Once Or Dip Twice – A Clemson University food study inspired by the “double dipping” questions raised by a Seinfeld episode.

  • Game Boy At Stonehenge:

    Photo uploaded by Cybjorg under a Creative Commons license
    [via Splodinvark]

  • Anhedonia – 11 Minutes of Annie Hall illustrated with stock photography from Getty Images.

  • Calling Him Darth Is Like Calling Him ‘Jerk’ – A spirited discussion between radio host Phil Hendrie, his guest, and a caller about proper role play and Darth Vader etiquette.*

  • Curly Moustache Cat – Though she’s following the letter of the law, I’m not sure if this qualifies her as “Pringles”.

  • Dramatic Lemur – Continuing the tradition of the Dramatic Chipmunk and the Evil Baby, the exaggerated facial expression baton passes to yet another animal.
    [via Leah]

  • Ten Star Wars Toys That Look Like Other Celebrities – This was doubly hehful when as I described the concept to him, El_Douche_A inexplicably guessed that a Han Solo figure looks like Josh Brolin.

  • Explain To Me About Bomb Juice – Jon Stokes asked the newly minted TSA Blog to explain the logic behind the liquids-in-a-ziploc rigamarole. A few days later, TSA obliged.

  • Who Let The Dogs Out Bling Bling Baby! – Recently withdrawn Republican candidate Mitt Romney shows he’s deeply in touch with the language of the regular folks.

  • Trees Reviewed – Steven Frank considers the tree in the style of an A-list technology blogger’s review.

  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

    Photo uploaded by Colin_n under a Creative Commons license

  • Subway Barbers – A blog that reviews the haircuts given at the barber shops located in NY subway stations.

*Phil plays the role of himself and his guests, and sometimes his callers as well.

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