RogueApron On A Hot Night

Last night I attended RogueApron‘s Mama Mediterranean dinner, which included lemon basil infused vodka, delicious lamb kebabs, rich moussaka, and handmade biscotti and panna cotta for dessert. The food, drink, and company were all fantastic, as was the atmosphere of the lovely garden at the host home. Atlanta weather cooperated by holding back the rains, […]

Daily Candy Covers Rogue Apron

Congratulations to Lady Rogue, creator of my favorite new local business, for the excellent article in Daily Candy yesterday. I first heard of the new group when I received a mysterious follow request from @rogueapron on Twitter several months ago. It’s a traveling, underground dinner club, with food expertly sourced and prepared by a professional […]

TAG WebChallenge: High School Students Build Facebook Apps

Last Friday I was invited to attend and photograph the WebChallenge ’08 awards. The Technology Association of Georgia, SAP, Appcelerator, and entrepreneur Wayt King hosted the competition wherein small teams of high school students are tasked with putting together the best Facebook application. Josh Mangel and Avi Zolty of The Weber School and Alan Barber […]

Post-Tornado Notes

It’s been a weird weekend. On Friday night, the tornado that ripped through downtown Atlanta and then Cabbagetown came through East Atlanta. I was lucky that there was no damage to my house, and the power was only out until early Sunday morning, but lots of my neighbors weren’t so lucky. I decided to write […]

Anyone Lose An Albino Ferret?

Earlier today while I was on the phone I heard my dog Toofis making more of a ruckus than usual in the backyard. I peered out the window and saw something like this: When I put the phone down, got Toofis inside, and took a closer look, it turned out it was this: Aww. My […]

Pimento Cheese Disappears From The Vortex

I’m not the only one who has noticed that The Vortex no longer offers Pimento Cheese. As of what I think is an 11/2007 menu printing, gone is any trace of the Pimento Cheese option as an appetizer, for burgers or for grilled cheeses. When I discovered this today, our server said something about a […]

Atlanta Startup Weekend Is A Success, Skribit Launches

Congratulations to the Startup Weekend Atlanta crew. I was only there for part of Friday night, but I’ve been following the action (and the drama) on the Startup Weekend blog. Anyone who can endure an entire weekend of wall-to-wall effort with a sizable crew of people they largely don’t know deserves some serious praise. They […]

Happenings In Atlanta

Some things you could do before the holidays are upon us: Meet Pandora Founder Tim Westergren and fellow Pandora users this Thursday the 8th at 7pm at the 14th St. Playhouse. James at Metroblogging Atlanta highly endorses it. Be a part of Startup Weekend Atlanta and lend a hand as the collective builds a full-fledged […]

Your BarCamp Atlanta Moment Of Zen

Click To Play Tim inadvertently blesses a MacBook as he plays the Wiimote with the help of a language called ChucK.[Can anyone point me in the direction of the session leader, on the right in the video? I know he’s a member of atlHack, but didn’t catch his name.]

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