QotD: I wish I could…

Play any instrument or speak any language, which do you choose?Question submitted by cruftbox.vox.com. Do you get to pick one language/instrument or is it all of them? Being an omniglot would be pretty sweet, as would being a one-man symphony. With the former you'd be practically a superhero, with the latter you're a winner on […]

QotD: Back where I'm from…

Soda? Cola? Pop? What do you say? Any other regional words that set you apart?Question submitted by Gladys. Soda, like what Costanza wanted to call his kid. While we're on the subject, I have found that people don't know birch beer here in the south. Or sarsaparilla. Read and post comments | Send to a […]

QotD: Weekend Wrap-up

What was the highlight of this past weekend? A tie. In this corner, the Battle of Atlanta/Taste of East Atlanta festivities, where I got to learn about the central role my neighborhood played in civil war history, the advantages of British Enfield Rifles over Austrian pos'es, the various bone saws and techniques employed in battlefield […]

QotD: Scents & Sensibilities

What's the strongest association you have between a scent and a memory? I don't know if it's the strongest, but recently on a foggy morning I smelled slightly burnt gasoline, and that took me back to memories of vacationing on a lake in Maine when I was little. We lived in a tiny house on […]

Digital Photo Relics

What's the oldest digital camera photo you have on your computer? When is it from? Let's see it! Wow, turns out it was August 24, 1999. From a company outing for Circle.com (formerly Circle Interactive, formerly Arnold Interactive, formerly PSK01, then eventually EURO RSCG Circle and also Beam). I think it was my idea to […]

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