Nomah, sigh.

I was in a thrift shop in Warwick, RI over the weekend and spotted a genuine Majestic brand Nomar #5 Red Sox T-shirt in Medium, in blue. It's pre-owned of course, but there are no stains, rips, or signs of being stretched out of proportion. In fact, it's perfectly broken in. In case you've never been to Fenway, this style and manufacturer is the standard issue Sox fan shirt — number on the front, surname on the back. In Nomar's heyday, this was the shirt of shirts.

The price as marked at Savers? $1.99. There's no way it'd fit me, but I had some odd compulsion to save it from the anonymous racks. And so I did. No idea what I'll do with it though.

Maybe it'll be worth something to a vintage shop down here, or i could use it as a glass slipper and when I find the woman who it fits like a glove, I'll know she's the one.

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  1. Where I live now, there's not nearly as much good thrifting as there was up north. Savers is a chain, but they don't exist down here so it's one of the necessary stops whenever I'm visiting Providence or the outskirts of Boston.

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