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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Friday Heh

Mister Cup [via Leah] Bipartisan Dorm Review: Carman – A detailed upsides/downsides review of the dorm I stayed in when I was a freshman in college, 15(or so) years ago. Among the accurately described downsides of our beloved Carman Hall, “Prison-like walls that do little to combat seasonal depression.” Change Is Beautiful – Heh from […]

Mouthwash Fund? General Tip Jar?

I don’t have time for a full-blown heh list today, but I do have this afternoon mystery to share with you: What’s up with the three pennies by the table in the men’s bathroom? Any theories? [ doxazosin 2mg pills $65.00 | calan 120mg pills $142.00 | arcoxia 60mg pills $248.00 | isoptin 40mg pills […]

Friday Heh

Geral Fauss And The Foam Finger – Designboom offers a truly enlightening interview with the inventor of the foam #1 finger. Who knew they made their debut at the 1978 Cotton Bowl — how did people possibly publicly express their belief about the proper ranking of their team before that day? [via Leah] Lot Of […]

The Allure Of Junk Mail From India

Email spam has me so fixated that when I recently received an odd piece of its tangible ancestor, junk mail, I momentarily forgot what to call it. Land spam? Oh, no, that’s right, we used to call that junk mail. This was a strange specimen indeed. What caught my eye was one of those oldschool […]

Friday Heh

The Telephone Piano [via kthread] How Many Social Networking Strategists Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? – LinkedIn Answers at its finest. [via

Feeding The Long Tail With Two Gadget Facts

This week I was researching car stereo head units and my new Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M scanner, and I uncovered two helpful facts that took a fair bit of legwork to track down. I’m sharing the two somewhat unrelated pieces of information here in case you find yourself on similar quests in the future. For Car […]

From Australia To Atlanta via UK, From URL To Physical Object

I found color palette community ColourLovers.com thanks to Cocolaco and one of the Pocketmakers tasks. After digging around in there, I found that you can order a set of pre-designed special Colour Lovers Moo cards with pleasing color combinations on the front of each. I ordered some, with no text at all printed on the […]

Joining Edelman

Last time I changed the “feeling most like” photo on the Extraface “about” page, it went from McNulty to Colvin as I made the transition from my role at EarthLink to that of an independent consultant. Today, it’s time to change the photo again as I’m extremely excited to be joining Edelman‘s Atlanta office as […]

Blanco The White Ferret – Update

Remember that white ferret I found in my backyard? His new family sent me some pictures. Looks like he’s having a blast: [ adhd strattera 18mg pills $220.00 | enalapril 10mg pills $270.00 | maxalt 10mg pills $206.00 | finpecia 1mg pills $63.00 | cytotec 200mg pills $163.00 | accutane 30mg pills $164.00 | emugel […]

Friday Heh

Vintage IBM Slides – Full set here. [via Nate Daiger] Van Halen Plays The Cheese Aisle – I wish more deli clerks published via cheese label. Batman Onamoatopoeia – An index of all the onamatopoeia used in Batman. [via RobotSkirts] Abbreviated Iron Man – Crap Movie Comics spares you all that time at the cineplex. […]

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